About Xchool platform

Xchool is an elearning platform dedicated to providing learners with the highest quality digital education and learning activities.


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Our Mission

The mission behind Xchool

Our mission is to enable students to reach their fullest potential through personalized learning experiences. We achieve this through flexible, interactive and engaging elearning courses, activities and tools that are designed to ignite curiosity and push boundaries.

Our Story

Our company story

We believe in equipping learners with the skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced world in which we live. Xchool empowers learners to explore, create, and collaborate in a safe and secure digital environment.

Our values

The values behind Xchool platform

Xchool is an elearning platform that seeks to offer accessible, quality education for all learners. The platform values are as follows:


Xchool seeks to create an engaging and stimulating learning environment where learners can collaborate and learn.


Xchool is committed to providing the highest quality courseware that can be accessed from anywhere.


Xchool promotes digital education and aims to make its educational materials accessible to all.


Xchool encourages the use of innovative educational tools, technology, and processes to improve the learning experience.


Meet the team of experienced teachers behind Xchool

Simon Boulerice

Simon Boulerice

Dre Mélissa Généreux

Dre Mélissa Généreux

Dr Égide Royer

Dr Égide Royer

Dre Magali Dufour

Dre Magali Dufour